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‘Mini Abstracts’ Collection

Meet Me at the Lighthouse

Inspired by these lyrics by Mister and Mississippi, the turquoise hue of the acrylic ink radiates a sense of calm, being strong and independent.

“Meet me at the lighthouse
Bye the seaside, when the night falls
I’ll wait there, staring out to sea
Let’s sail away now, disappear with me“

Portrait picture of Julia Strobel of Chapter Five Studio at her painting table

A Day at the Lake

Inspired by the hot summer days when we pack up our bags and head out of the city to spend the day at a beautiful emerald green lake. Surrounded by cooling forest that reaches right to the edge of the lake and an abundance of sunshine, it’s a pretty sweet place to spend time with our favorite people. Talking, laughing, refreshing in the water and simply enjoying the warm and long summer day

River Flows in You

Inspired by the river in Basel, the four abstract paintings titled ‘River Flows in You’ visually capture the experience of water as one of the natural elements.

Sometimes calm, gently flowing, playful swirls and splashes of water droplets. Other times a powerful force, with strong waves, undercurrents, mysterious and commanding respect.

The title ‘River Flows in You’ is a reminder that water is our elixir of life and of the gentleness and strength each of us holds inside.