My Story

Have courage! Go on and follow your dreams. Life is your canvas and you hold the brush.

Go create your life as you imagine!

Hello, my name is Julia Strobel

welcome to my little creative studio called Chapter Five Studio!

Come in and find inspiration for a beautiful life: Original works of art (i.e. unique pieces), illustrations and – coming soon – stationery & accessories – for you, your home and your loved ones.

Next to the online shop, I am sharing tips, inspiration and insights into my personal path and how I pursue my dream of a creative life in my soon-to-come studio blog. Because the message of encouragement at the top of this page is really close to my heart:

I would like to inspire you to CREATE your life and pursue your dreams.


Portrait picture of Julia Strobel of Chapter Five Studio at her painting table

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to create a life according to their own wishes. “This world is but a canvas to our imagination” wrote the American writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862).

For me, this is the perfect metaphor: the world is like a blank canvas that we can shape according to our imagination.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination”

– Henry David Thoreau –

My story

For many years I had nothing to do whatsoever with canvases, painting or any kind of creativity. The art classes back in school left me with the belief that “I can’t paint!”

I can vividly remember the situation that brought me this decades-old conviction. We were visiting the Natural History Museum with my art class. Everyone had the task of choosing an object from the showcases with the fossils, minerals and vertebrates on display and drawing it realistically.

Equipped with a pad and pencil, I set to work, kneeling in front of the glass of the showcases. “Challenging”, I thought to myself as I drew the marten, but overall I was quite happy with the drawing I had created. Until my art teacher came up behind me, saw my drawing and laughed out loud.

She took the pencil from my hand and started erasing on my page and correcting my drawing. Then she advised me to “try out a stone”.

From that moment onwards, I had internalized the belief that I couldn’t paint. Back then drawing and painting were the same thing for me. For many years after that, I didn’t even try (outside of the art classes at school). Until June 2017.

From “I cannot paint”…

That was the first time I visited the world-renowned art fair “Art Basel” here in Basel, where I live. I’ve always liked going to art and photography exhibitions. Colors, textures, brushstrokes in the artworks tug at emotions and I can really lose myself in a painting (it’s the same with a good song, by the way). There were some great paintings like this on display at Art Basel.

And then there was also that one painting – an abstract painting with geometric shapes – that triggered the thought in me that we’ve probably all had at some point: “A 3-year old could do this” or “This is supposed to be art? I can do that too.”

… to “I don’t want to stop painting”

So I got serious the following weekend and bought a canvas, some brushes and a small set of acrylic paints and got to work. Of course, it soon became clear that it wasn’t as easy as it looked 🙂

But also how good it feels to be creative.

The rest is history, as the say. The “giving it a try” has turned into a real passion – with the dream of building my “Chapter Five Studio” into a small but fine creative label.

Through almost daily painting practice and participation in various courses, workshops and art retreats, I am able to constantly develop my skills, art practice and myself.

Art practice with various media and different artistic styles

In my painting practice, I currently mainly use acrylic paints and mixed media for my abstract paintings.

With watercolors I create cute illustrations and urban watercolor house portraits, which are exclusively available as bespoke commissions.

To make the world a little more colorful and lovable, my art will soon also be available on stationery and accessories.



Contemporary abstract art on canvas, paper and wood panel

Watercolor (Aquarelle)

Urban watercolor and illustrations

Pattern design

Inspired by nature and playful patterns for kids

By sharing my story and my experiences on the blog, I want to encourage you to follow your passion and your dreams.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to me at any time using the contact form. Your message will land directly in my inbox!

Thank you for stopping by today!

See you soon, Julia